Bilingual Certificate Program

2015 Bilingual CertificateThe Bilingual Certificate in Speech-Language Pathology or Audiology allows graduate students to specialize in evidence-based methods of assessment, diagnosis, and treatment of bilingual children and adults with speech, language, and hearing impairments. Students who earn this certificate will demonstrate knowledge of how the structure of common languages spoken in the United States compares and contrasts with English, how to appropriately assess and treat all languages in the bilingual or multilingual individual, how to train and implement the use of interpreters, and cultural awareness and sensitivity in the clinical setting.

Curriculum requirements include successful completion of at least 11 credits from the following and 70 clinical contact hours:

  • SLHS 535 Bilingualism, Multiculturalism, and Nonmainstream Dialects (3 credits)
  • a graduate phonetics course in a language other than English (outside of our Department) [not required for AuD students]
  • one elective course outside or within our Department related to bilingualism and/or multiculturalism [two electives required for AuD students]
  • a bilingual clinical practicum [70 contact hours] supervised by a bilingual speech-language pathologist in one setting or an accumulated number of contact hours across clinical placements with culturally and linguistically diverse populations

Please review this detailed description of the program.

Tips on Working with Interpreters in Health Care Settings

Tips on Using Interpreters handout

The Bilingual Certificate Program is directed by Dr. Leah Fabiano-Smith, CCC-SLP. It’s Program Coordinator is Rui Motoyoshi, MA, CCC-SLP.